Wednesday, 23 July 2014

100 Kilometres for 100 Years


Earlier this year, Sarah Pugh and her friend, Helene, decided they wanted to do something special to celebrate their 50th birthdays. What better idea, they thought, than to try to walk 100km over 4 days! So, this is what they did during a week in July – in fact they walked nearly 110 km from Plymouth to Dartmouth along the South West Coast Path. Sarah’s family has, in her words, “benefited hugely from the existence and work of Guy’s Gift over the last couple of years” and she wanted to give something back – so she chose to raise some money for Guy’s Gift as a thank you. 

Sarah told us all about their adventure:

“The first day was interesting – finding our ‘walking legs’ and being drenched at least 3 times by downpours! However, being met by our B&B hostess at the end of the day in Noss Mayo with a ‘would you like a cup of tea and some homemade cake?’ became one of the highlights of the trip! The next 3 days were bathed in glorious sunshine so hats and sun-cream were donned and I even went swimming in the sea a couple of times! Everything went according to plan (thanks to Helene’s planning) – apart from the blisters (inevitable!) and some of the massive climbs (always preceded or followed by a downward slope, thank goodness!) – but all in all the walk was a tremendous success and we’re thinking of walking a little more of the path each year over the next this space!!”

 Sarah looks out to sea.

 Helene and Sarah in Beesands.

Sarah and Helene raised over £280, which we think is rather wonderful. Thank you Sarah and Helene and many happy returns for your special birthday year!

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