Thursday, 20 August 2015

Fun at Coombe Country Park

We enjoyed a great day at our Picnic in the Park on 5th August. We all gathered at Coombe Country Park in Binley for a sociable and laid back day. We flew kites, went for a stroll around the park and enjoyed a picnic together. The weather was perfect - sunny, but with just enough breeze to send our kites soaring into the sky. Everyone agreed that it had been a very worthwhile day - with a chance to have have fun, talk about shared experiences and also ask the team questions. It was a day if firsts too - with several people flying a kite for the first time!

 Kites were decorated with special messages...

 ...before being launched.


 There were all sorts of activities on offer. Here's Mary having fun playing football!

 It turns out that Guy's Gift's very own Eniko is rather good at hula hooping!

 Leamington enjoyed meeting everyone. Here he is relaxing while watching the kite flying.

We saw all sorts of things on our walk around the park, including these ducklings having a lovely time splashing about in the water.

There were cygnets too. 

A great time was had by all!

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