Wednesday, 22 April 2015

A Day to Remember

1st May 2015

Everyone has their own way of remembering their special person who has died – it might be lighting a candle on their birthday, singing a special song or reading their favourite book. On 1st May we're having a special day - called 'A Day to Remember' - when we hope families and friends will come together to remember their special person who has died. It’s a time to be together, whilst not forgetting the person who is missing.

We've chosen 1st May for our very first 'A Day to Remember' as it's a special day fro guy's Gift. It's the day, back in 2009, when Guy's Gift began.

1st May 2015 will be the first Guy’s Gift ‘A Day to Remember’ and we’ve chosen this particular date for a very special’s the day, back in 2009, when Guy’s Gift began.

There's lots more information, as well as some specially designed activities, over on our website.

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